Calvin Ruddiman

at Magnattack

Presenter Bio

Having had a lifelong passion for engineering and a background in fluid and powder flow dynamics, Calvin is equipped with a broad knowledge in stainless steel manufacturing and has expertise in meeting sensitive food requirements to meet more challenging products for intrinsically safe applications. 

Calvin also has experience in how to capitalize on conformance to HACCP International and global ISO standards to help protect producers that are facing real challenges in the field of magnetic fragment contamination risks.

The reduction of the physical hazard risks for rendering processors has been recognised and appreciated due to Calvin’s understanding of this environment, as well as keeping up with advances in global food safety standards.  

He will be sharing some insights in understanding your finished product security needs, roles of metal detection and magnets, and the current status of technology for controlling metal and plastic contamination.

Presenter's Sessions

Product Integrity: Removal of metals in the Rendering process Chair: Andy Bennett OAM, ARA President

11:10 am - 11:40 am

Ballroom 1