Mark Henderson

Director at Mr Hendersonwater

Presenter Bio

Mark is the managing director of Mr Hendersonwater P/L, a 100% Australian owned and operated national business dedicated to providing the highest quality water treatment assistance available to Australian manufacturers and processors.

Following in the steps of his father in Melbourne, Mark serviced his first cooling towers and boilers in 1987, Graduated from Monash (B.Sc Biochemistry) in 1997, and never veered from the toughest challenges in the onerous environmental workspace to become known as a pragmatic solution provider in the waste water field.

Mark joined the ARA in 2014, and has helped with waste water challenges at most of the largest meat & rendering facilities in Australia over the last decade.

Mark started his own business in 2017 and has continued applying innovations and fresh ideas to provide money saving solutions to clients in the rendering and meat processing family leading to strong early growth and team expansion.

Mr. Henderson’s mission today aligns with the Rendering Industry as a whole:

  • to turn everyone else’s unwanted problems into positive economic solutions,
  • serving the environment in meaningful ways,
  • contributing to our children’s futures,
  • all while making a little profit along the way…..

Presenter's Sessions

Polymer solutions to suit your waste water operation Chair: Andy Bennett OAM, ARA President

11:40 am - 12:00 pm

Ballroom 1